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Always Work for The Lord

We have a hard time understanding the impact our small efforts can make, and it is not often that we get to see their results across the world. In the scriptures, we have been urged not to ponder so much over the harvest but rather to concentrate on the work itself. 
But when we do get to see just how our efforts affect the lives of others, as we sometimes will, it is one of the most encouraging and uplifting moments. My wife Rebecca and I just got to experience this during our recent trip to Myanmar.
CSM President Philipson Philips with Dr. Mung and son

Answered Prayers Across the Globe

Dr. Mung and his students at the Faith Baptist theological seminary in Myanmar prayed for a good library for 15 years. Their prayers were answered in the form of a container loaded with quality theological materials from CSM in August of this year. This marked the first time CSM was able to sent a container to Myanmar and the first time such a volume of books to reach Myanmar.
We were able to visit the seminary soon after they received the container. The staff and students are overjoyed to have received the container, which was more than what they expected. They were all enthusiastically setting up their library with the new books. Once the library is set up, they will have the largest collection of Christian literature in the whole of Myanmar!

Christmas Blessing

We could not have done this without you! With your support, we were able to touch yet another country with Christian literature. In this season of commemoration of our Lord’s birth and life, let us keep pressing on so that many will be touched by his love!
Merry Christmas to all of you! His love is the reason for this season, so let us resound it across the world!
God Bless you!

Philipson Philip
CSM Canada President
New Library in Myanmar
Philipson Philip speaking
Rebecca Philip speaking
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