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Christian Literature for Zambia – January 2019

We all know that we can accomplish greater things working in teams.  Today, we at CSM were blessed to team up with some amazing ministries, Gleaners Ontario and New Hope Miramichi church to send Christian Literature to Zambia, Africa!

Our mission here at CSM is to make sure no Bibles or Christian literature are wasted. Our inspiration for the mission comes from Jesus’s ministry to the 5,000 people near the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 14:13-21), and the 4,000 people near the Decapolis (Matthew 15:32-39). Jesus spoke with the people, healed them, and fed them. 

Forklift loading pallet of books onto a sea container bound to Zambia.
Loading sea container to Zambia
At the end of each meal, the uneated food was gathered so that nothing was wasted. Both of these miracles are near and dear to our hearts. We treat books in the same way as the food was; not to be wasted. And so, we gather up leftover books. Jesus did not neglect the people’s physical need of food though. We are especially blessed to send a container that helps fill people’s spiritual and physical needs.

Feeding Souls & Filling Bellies

Our first shipment of 2019 is on its way to Zambia. In the container there are 20,373 lbs of Bibles and books that will feed many peoples soul’s. This container is special in that it will also feed their bellies! Before the truck made its way to our Hamilton warehouse, it stopped in at the warehouse of Ontario Christian Gleaners in Cambridge, ON. The Gleaners are an organization that receives surplus vegetables, fruit, and grains. Volunteers trim, dice, and then dehydrate the produce. The dehydrated produce is mixed with spices and other soup add-ins (think pasta, barley, etc.) and packaged into bags, buckets, and barrels. The soup mix is provided free to relief and development organizations as requested. 

And so, 35,000 lbs of dry soup mix and 20,000 lbs of Christian books are on their way to the Beautiful Feet project in Zambia. Beautiful feet is headed up by the New Hope Church of Miramichi, New Brunswick. Beautiful Feet will distribute the food and books throughout the country while preaching the Gospel Message. 

We looking forward to hearing from the people who receive these much needed supplies.

If you would like to learn more about Ontario Christian Gleaners, please visit their website here.

You can read more about New Hope’s Beautiful Feet Project at their website here.

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