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15 Tons of Books for Ghana

Load 'er up!

Its always a joyful time around here we finish loading up a truck. This morning volunteers loaded up 15 tons of books for Ghana. These Bibles, Christian literature, and educational materials will make their way by truck, rail, boat, and again truck, to Western Africa.

Ghana has a population of around 30 million people, so we know there is a great need for these books, especially as 70% of people in Ghana profess to being Christians! We grow in our faith through learning more about God and his goodness, and we pray these books will make it to people who need them.  

Murray, Paul, Doug, and Philipson, after loading.
These books will be received by the team at Ministry Pastor Network International. MPNI works throughout Ghana to support pastors, schools, and individuals, with both educational materials and practical needs like clothes. It is a huge blessing to again be able to support this ministry with its vital work. We are grateful to our donors, volunteers, and supporters for making this shipment of books possible. You can read more about MPNI and its programs here:

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