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2019 Nigerian Book Conference

Most of us here in North America have at some point been to a book fair or book conference. The idea of people gathering and receiving books is global. In August of 2018, CSM sent a container of materials to The Evangelisers Team Ministries International (TETMI) in Nigeria (read about the shipment here). We have sent books to TETMI frequently and are always happy to hear how they use the materials to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
Pastor receiving bag of books at conference

Where do the books go?

In partnership with other local ministries and churches with shared vision, TETMI gave this container of books away at a Book Conference in January 2019. The conference has been held yearly, for the most part, since 2008/2009. These types of conferences are important opportunities for Christian leaders to be empowered with materials that will help improve their work and walk with God in their different assemblies .
“I bless the name of God and thank the Lord for using TETMI to bring these books to us. “
Around 50 pastors attended the conference, and each one received a bag of books. Participants at the conference testified to what impact the books given to them would make in their personal lives and ministries, promising to make good use of the materials. They look forward to when the next book conference will hold. Additional materials were (106 bags of books) were made available to pastors attending another conference in December 2018.

Testimonies from book recipients:

“I am from Kogi State. I attended the book fair held in Nsukka and found a book in my pack that I had been looking for for many years since I graduated from school. It had a great impact on me and my ministry.” (Anonymous)

“I was initially unsatisfied with the books that I got in the pack given to me. However, looking into the books more carefully, I came across a pamphlet that changed the game for me. That material was very useful to my ministry and my personal life. Thanks to God for using TETMI to bring such materials to us. (Rev. Ekechukwu of the Assemblies of God Church)

“I bless the name of God and thank the Lord for using TETMI to bring these books to us. I have been having a particular conflict in my church which had lead to so many things going south. But I found a book in the pack I was given that solved that conflict. I even forgot that I had an exam to write that period because I was engrossed in reading the book I found. May God keep blessing you as you do greater works in his name.” (Pastor at Christ Loving Grace Pentecostal Mission Int’l)
TETMI plans on providing materials for another conference to be held in January 2020. We hold them in our prayers that they continue to faithfully spread God’s Word. We encourage our supporters to also pray for TETMI. Their holistic approach to spreading the Gospel by providing the Word and helping meet physical needs is much-needed in their region. To learn more about TETMI’s work in Nigeria, please visit their website

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