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More Christian Literature Headed to Ghana

Its been a very, very busy couple of months here at CSM. In addition to sending out THREE shipments in two months, we have been inundated with incoming donated books. So much so, in fact, that we had to request people hold back deliveries until we could get what we had at the time sorted.  Thankfully, we’ve gotten the warehouse in better shape so we can find the garage door again.

 South Africa:

In the beginning of September, we send 16 pallets of books to the Reformational Study Center in South Africa. These books will be used in their library that serves anyone in the area who needs access to Christian materials. We are so grateful for the help of  a North American organization for the help in getting this shipment over.

The Philippines:

At the beginning of October, CSM was able to fill the “tail end” of a 40′ container bound for The Philippines. This was another joint shipment with Harvester Baptist Church in London, Ontario. It will make its way to their church plants in Laguna. We fit just over 19,000 lbs. of books onto the container. 


Today’s container is heading to Ghana. It has 28905 lbs. of materials on it. Our usual loading crew was a little light, but they were able to load the boxes in not quite three hours. The weather didn’t permit many photos (rain and wind), but we did manage one before closing up the doors.

All three of these containers required some creative maneuvering. Most memorable was pulling 6 skids of unprocessed books out into our parking lot until we could get the South African skids loaded up.

As always, we are so very grateful to God for his provision. The people who so graciously donate time, books, and funding, are in our heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving. Our volunteers and supporters are what drives our mission. Without the people to donate the books, collect them, deliver them, sort, pack and load them, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our part in the Great Commission.

These materials go on to touch thousands of lives, and we pray each and every one is drawn closer to Jesus through them. 


FULL warehouse - October 2019
Pallets loaded up for South Africa.
Loading up for the Philippines.
Container for Ghana

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