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Bibles, Books, and Food for South Sudan

What an exciting day around CSM Canada! Today we were blessed with sending out our first shipment to South Sudan. In addition, this was another joint shipment. It included books and Bibles from us and dehydrated food products from the Ontario Christian Gleaners. 

Even though it was snowing, slippery, and cold, our volunteers showed up and brought their strong arms. Our last shipment for 2019 was a massive one, more than double the size of our “usual” shipments! 

2019-11 South Sudan Loading
South Sudan Loading Team

About South Sudan

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South Sudan is a landlocked Republic located in East-Central Africa. English is its official language, but Arabic is widely spoken. Its capital city is Juba, and there are approximately 10.2 million people living in South Sudan. Only 27% South Sudanese people over the age of 15 can read and write; education is difficult to obtain. 66% of the population lives below the poverty line and nearly 40% are unemployed. Christianity, traditional African beliefs, and Islam are South Sudan’s main religions.   [CIA World Factbook]

Final Shipment of 2019

It turns out you can fit quite a lot onto a 40′ sea container! On the usual 20′ sea containers, we end up fitting 16 skids of books plus some “extras” (odd shaped things like Sunday School materials).

We received 8 skids of food product from Ontario Christian Gleaners. On those skids was 9,000 lbs of dehydrated food, which works out to about 292,500 meals. 

From our own warehouse, we loaded 22 skids of books! That’s 792 banana boxes filled with Bibles, commentaries, studies, and more. Because 40′ containers are higher than 20′ containers, we were able to get 42,042 lbs of books loaded. What a job well done by our tall volunteers loading!

We want to thank all of our 2019 volunteers and contributors. Because of their hard work and support, we have been able to send out 11 shipments. All told, we sent 307,719lbs of Bibles and Christian books in 2019.

Please join us in praying for safe delivery of this shipment and that the people of South Sudan are blessed by the books and food. 

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