Container Reports,  Newsletter 2019 Winter

God’s Truth Going to Zambia

19,840 pounds

It is a big job finding overseas ministries for us to send books of God’s Truth to. They must able to adequately store and distribute upwards of 30,000lbs of books. All told, that’s anywhere between 15,000 and 25,0000 books, pamphlets, CD’s, DVDs, etc. – a LOT of materials! On their end, receivers must be able to store all of these materials also, until they are all given away. But before they even have the materials in hand, they need to be able to work with their port custom’s agents and local trucking companies to get the container to their facility.

So when CSM Canada is contacted by a ministry that already has in place the means to accomplish all of that, it is a huge blessing. New Hope Church in Mirimichi, New Brunswick has a great deal of experience in the front and back-end of foreign mission support. We have worked with them in the past to support their Beautiful Feet project located in Zambia, Africa. Over the past few years, Beautiful Feet has helped more than 77 church plants get started. Their projects range to everything from initial church building to providing clothes and hygiene products, and starting sewing clubs.

 In early December, we were able to pack around  19,840 lbs of materials onto a 40′ sea container. First, the truck had stopped  at Ontario Christian Gleaners in Cambridge Ontario. Boxes and buckets of dehydrated soup mix, fruits, and vegetables were loaded up there. New Hope Church had also loaded on various support items like clothes and books donated by their congregation. 

We pray for a safe journey to the sailing crew! It is our hope that the materials and foods on board are able to be used as blessings. May many people come to the saving knowledge of Christ through it! You can find out more about Ontario Christian Gleaners work on their website at

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