Area Coordinator Updates,  Newsletter 2019 Winter

Now in Glory

It was with sadness at the loss and joy at the entry to Heaven that we learned of the passing of two of CSM’s area coordinators.

Roy Schlievert - Ottawa Area

For over 12 years, Roy Schlievert of Arnprior Ontario, collected, stored, and shipped donated materials for CSM. Roy was known over a wide area of Ontario to a great many people for his love of Christ and hard-working nature. 

In 2019 alone, Roy and his wife Andriend collected 22 pallets worth of books and materials for CSM. Roy spread knowledge of CSM and its mission throughout the Ottawa area.  He will be greatly missed by friends, family, and the Christian community.  Roy’s Obituary can be found here.

Donald Graydon - Woodstock

Don Graydon of Woodstock, Ontario, passed away suddenly early November. Don worked with CSM for many years, first as an area coordinator and later as a stamp trimmer. We are told his favourite time to trim stamps, which he did up until his dear wife passed away earlier this year, was while watching curling and the Blue Jays. Don’s obituary can be found here.

All of us here at CSM offer our sincere condolences and heartfelt prayers to the families and friends of both Roy and Don. We have been immensely blessed throughout the years by them and are so very grateful for their generous hearts.

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