2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

2020 Virtual Annual Banquet – Remarks from President

Over the past few months as COVID19 has quickly spread across countries and continents, nearly everyone has had to stop and reevaluate their the activities, priorities, and goals. What would have been an evening of fellowship and sharing for us here at CSM has been reduced to a write-up in paper (and computer screen). Even so, we rejoice in being able to reach out to you and convey our gratitude. We thank you for your valuable support towards the mission in the past years!

This is the 26th year of CSM’s operation, and the Lord has enabled us to ship over 160 sea containers of precious, well-loved Christian literature all around the world. It wouldn’t have been possible if the Lord had not worked through the generosity and love from our supporters. 

I would also like to thank the CSM Board, our area coordinators, and the warehouse staff for their dedication. There are so many names that deserve special mention for their service to CSM. But I would just say that the Lord is seeing all of your efforts and has stored up treasures for you in heaven.

In the midst of what is a frightening unknown to many, we know that God is still at work touching, edifying, and exhorting people across the globe through the literature from CSM.

We hope and pray that the conditions get better and the mission will be able to open its doors soon. During this time, rest in the Lord and find your peace in Him. Let us carry each other in our prayers and keep striving to be useful instruments for His kingdom with the best of our abilities.

In Christ,

Philipson Philip

President, CSM Canada Inc.