Our History

Christian Salvage Mission began in 1994 in the garage of Lauren and Dorothy Redinger of Beamsville. Being a Pastor himself, Lauren and Dorothy were aware of the many homes that had Bibles and other Evangelical material sitting on their shelves simply collecting dust.
They were also aware of the many people overseas who did not have such material, but who were and are hungry to know more of our Lord and Saviour for their own personal growth, as well as to equip them better to share with others of the grace,  mercy, and, love of God.
Lauren and Dorothy recruited volunteers to help them collect Bibles and other Evangelical material, sort them, and pack them into banana boxes to be shipped overseas.
Lauren and Dorothy knew that recycling made good sense and that many books were being wasted by being tossed into the garbage. One Bible or book can be read by many people over and over again. Televisions and radios can be a wonderful tool to be used by ministries, but it is also true that people require something to hold in their hands. Maturity comes through precept and practice. Bibles and books are indispensable to such a goal.
The first sea container was shipped from our warehouse location in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2001 and was sent to Romania. Our 100th sea container was shipped to Nigeria Africa in November of 2014.
Founders – Rev. Lauren & Dorothy Redinger of Beamsville

(Our dearly beloved Dorothy went home to be with the Lord in Jan. of 2017)

it is written...

There is an aged controversy
About a sword and pen.
As to which of these may be supreme
As they seek to conquer men.

The sword is very quick to claim –
“My power is undisputed;
By me kings are in control.”
This can’t be soon refuted.

But hear the pen’s so gentle tongue,
Don’t make up your mind til then.
Of all earth’s instruments of power,
None has ever slain the pen.

Pastor L.K. Redinger
Founder, CSM Canada, Inc.
CSM Canada, Inc.
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