Would you like to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but aren’t sure how? Are you looking to volunteer at a Canadian Christian charity that also has a global outreach? 

CSM Canada runs on God’s grace and His provision of volunteer help. Without our volunteers, millions of pounds of Bibles and Christian literature would end up in the trash instead of the hands of people who need to know God’s Word. 

If the Lord has put it on your heart to help our mission, there are many ways you can work!


The single most important thing you can do to help CSM Canada is to pray for us! 

  • Pray that God leads us to missionaries that can best put the Bibles and books to use. 
  • Pray that we receive quality materials to send. Even if you cannot help physically, pray for the volunteers who come into our warehouse to sort and pack materials.
  • Pray for the people that receive the materials we send.

We pray that they are filled with the Holy Spirit and become evangelicals themselves! 

Warehouse Volunteer

Located in the GTHA and searching for a meaningful way to use your God-given brains and (maybe) brawn? The 300,000 lbs of materials that we send overseas every doesn’t pack and sort itself – it is carefully and diligently reviewed and packed by our warehouse volunteers. Some of our volunteers come in weekly for a few hours to sort books. Some of our volunteers come in once a month to help load up sea containers. 

You don’t need a strong back to sort and pack books, but you do need to be able to stand or sit easily. Volunteers helping load sea containers need to be able to lift boxes that weight upwards of 60 lbs (30 kg), although the average box weighs 40 lbs (20 kg).

Volunteer Area Coordinator

Area coordinators are a vital part of our ministry. The Area Coordinator’s job is to start the collection of Bibles and Christian literature. They bring awareness of CSM Canada’s mission to the people and churches in their community. 

Our coordinators spread awareness of our mission in many ways. First and foremost, they visit area churches (with the permission of church leadership) to share the ministry. When possible, they establish a “Drop Box” at churches or local stores for book donations.  When people want to donate books, they will get in contact with our Area Coordinators to make arrangements to give the books. 

Volunteer Drop-Off Locations

A drop-off volunteer's garage is filled with books

If you have some space and a bit of time, being a Drop-Off Location may be right for you! For this volunteer position, you will receive calls from local people who have books to donate. They will drop off the books with you, and, depending on your location, you will arrange with one of our Transporters or trucking company that hauls for us, to get the books to our Hamilton, Ontario warehouse. 

Drop-Off Location volunteers do not need to drive.

Volunteer Transporter

Donated Bibles and Christian materials come into our warehouse two main ways: they come on pallets by truck line (sent by Area Coordinators or Drop-Off volunteers), or our Transporters bring in a load. Transporters have larger vehicles, trucks or vans, and haul loads from Drop-Off locations near them. Sometimes, we receive larger donations from thrift stores and churches that require a big vehicle to bring them in. 

You can click here to read more about what CSM does.

If you would like to help in any of these areas, please contact our office to get the volunteer process started! 

CSM Canada, Inc.
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