Materials We Accept


Bibles of all versions (in good condition).

Concordances Theology Bible dictionaries
counseling books church growth discipleship
Christian biographies Bible handbooks sermon helps
Bible study books medical books school books
Commentaries Christian novels

Teaching Helps:

Flannel-graph children’s books VBS materials
Sunday School material Teaching slides Bible film strips

Music & Recordings:

hymn books chorus books Christian CDs
DVDs sheet music well-known sermons

Magazines, etc:

Confident Living Daily Bread Decision
Discipleship Journal Focus on the Family Friends of Israel
Good News Broadcaster Gospel Light In Touch
Insight for Living Israel My Glory Leadership
Scripture Press Today Turning Point

Spanish language versions of all of the above materials are also accepted.

Our Mandate
  • It is the mandate of this mission to send forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we can only accept materials as listed.
  • We DO NOT TAKE books that are Denominational books, gardening books, recipe books, secular novels, records, or other items that would not be used in a born again Christian ministry.
  • We ask that you please stick to this list as closely as possible.
  • Please DO NOT bring in any of your papers for recycling. We are no longer able to sell our recycling papers and must pay for the service.
  • Please note: We do not accept VHS tapes or cassette tapes as they are no longer in use. CDs and DVDs of well know singers and speakers are, however, requested. 
    CSM Canada, Inc.
    Office: M-Th 9-3
    Warehouse: M-Th 9-3
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