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Cancelled Stamp Recycling

The mandate of Christian Salvage Mission is “Worldwide distribution of evangelical literature.” As a non-profit ministry, we find it necessary to graciously appeal to churches and individuals to help us with shipping and operational costs.
Several years ago, we began collecting cancelled postage stamps and selling them to a nearby collector. In 2017 we raised $3,059.00. The monies received from the sale of postage stamps go into our general fund to be used where needed.
Shipping costs for a sea container can range from $4500 – $9000 in US funds, depending on the destination they are shipped to.

Saving stamps for Christian Salvage Mission can be a fun project for a Sunday School class, youth group or seniors group. If you are able, stamps may be trimmed to leave 1/4” of envelope surrounding and only one thickness of paper.
Sorting the stamps into lots of American, Canadian, foreign, and soaked stamps would be much appreciated.
Stamps that have been heavily inked, have scotch tape on them, are torn or have the perforation damaged cannot be used.
Stamps can be mailed or dropped off to our office. If you aren’t in the area, please feel free to contact your local area coordinator for them to forward the stamps on.
Note: If you are sending in a monetary donation with your stamps, please make sure you enclose it in a separate envelope to the attention of the Office Administrator. Otherwise, the donation may be missed and end up elsewhere.

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