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Small Books, BIG Journey

Have you ever thought about the voyages CSM’s containers of books make? Let’s follow one of our latest shipments into India and see just how complicated cross-globe travel can be!
Container #3 for 2018, with nearly 30,000lbs of books onboard, was shipped to Kerala, India in March.
Its journey started in our warehouse, and once loaded, the container was sealed and driven into a railyard in Brampton, Ontario.
From there, our container made the 600 km rail trip into the Port of Montreal. The container met up with hundreds of others and was quickly sorted and stacked onto the first sea vessel of the trip.
Port of Montreal
Port of Montreal
Sea vessel #1
Our container travelled into the Atlantic ocean, north of the United Kingdom, and into the North Sea. It shared the water with pleasure craft, off-shore rigs, fishing vessels, and, of course, other merchant ships. It is about 10 days travel from the Port of Montreal to the first stop at the North Sea Terminal in Bremerhaven, Germany.
But wait! Our container is supposed to go to India!
Never fear—this is a small detour. In Germany, the container was unloaded and re-loaded onto an even larger vessel.
Once out of port, the ship started its way down the European coast, through the Straight of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean Sea, and, eventually, through the Suez Canal.
Bremerhaven Port
Port of Colombo
It is around 20 days travel from Germany to Sri Lanka, where the container was again re-loaded onto yet another vessel. From Sri Lanka, it is just a few days to reach the Cochin Port in India, where the sea container’s sea-going journey completed.
From the Cochin Port, however, it still had some way to go to reach the people who are hungry for the Word of God that is in it. Find out what happened next in our next newsletter!
Cochin Port

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