Spring 2022 Mission Update

Tirelessly Sowing

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. “ Galations 6:9

We experienced quite a snowstorm to start the year off, creating confusion, disruptions, and isolation. Throughout Scripture there were many times of testing before a major break throughs occurred. Joseph was sold into slavery and spent years in prison before he became one of the most powerful men in Egypt. Moses led the Israelites through the desert for 40 years before they entered the promised land. David was on the run and hiding for years from Saul before he became king. Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness alone before beginning his ministry. God prepares us for challenges by strengthening us for His purpose. Just as an Olympic athlete takes four years to prepare between Olympics, we also need to take time to prepare for what is to come.

As the days begin to grow longer, the snow melts, the temperature rises, we look forward to the blooming of the flowers to signal the new season to celebrate. After two long years of Covid we may be seeing the end of the tunnel, and here at CSM we are rejoicing that our shipments may be returning to a regular schedule. During the lockdown we experienced warehouse closures, transportation disruptions, shortages of containers for shipment, and restricted access to ports due to health protocols.

We continued to pray, and God provided support for our needs. Even during Covid restrictions we were able to send five containers during the short spans when restrictions were lessened. The demand for material continues to grow as we continue to hear from more ministries that need Christian materials. CSM Canada is blessed to have so many individuals and organizations supporting us in prayer, as well as providing supplies and financial support to continue our work throughout the world. We encourage everyone to visit our website to read the testimonies and jubilant photos from people as they unpack containers of your donated life-changing materials (see photo above of joyful young women receiving Bibles).

As this year unfolds, we are thankful for the support that you continue to provide us. There are many ways to support CSM in continuing the work that God has given us. The most important support are your prayers for CSM Canada, our volunteers, the ministries that we support throughout the world, and the individuals/groups that supply us with the needed material to send overseas. There is always a need for material to send to ministries waiting for resources. Last summer, for the first time in five years, we emptied our warehouse to the walls as we were able to send out everything we had in storage. We anticipate high demand this year, and will need more materials to keep up, so any material from your home, church or organization would be appreciated. Kindly check the listing posted on the website for what items we need, and also be mindful of those items we cannot accept. For instance, VHS and cassette tapes corrode in sea air, so we do not accept these items for shipment since they are useless by the time they are received.

Financial support is needed to meet the increasing shipping charges due to the shortages of containers available in the world, and the added costs from the freight companies. The ministry runs on volunteers, from picking up and delivering material to the warehouse, sorting the resources for shipment, loading containers, etc. Our volunteers are a great blessing to the ministry, but as time passes, we have an aging group that have physical limitations in their senior years, so many hands make light work. If you are led to help in any of these ways, please call the office to find out more information.

 Dennis Cheredar,

CSM Board Chairman

What’s New at CSM?

Its been a long haul of opening and closing, but it seems that we are able to finally stay open here in Ontario. We are very grateful for everyone’s patience while we muddled through lockdowns and restrictions. We are also very grateful that many of our supporters and area churches took their extra time to go through personal and congregational libraries for donations.

Since the last update we have been blessed to send out  two full containers, two partial containers (shared with other Christian ministries), and provide 36 boxes for a smaller shipment.

While we are unable to have a Spring Banquet this year, and thus missing our largest fundraiser again, we are so very grateful for the continued generosity of our supporters in prayer, books, and financial gifts! Just like at the grocery store, we’ve noticed many program cost increases. We know that all things are in God’s hands and that everything will happen at his timing though!

Volunteer and Staff updates

Albert & Eleanor Reed of Owen Sound, ON have retired as of January after 15 years volunteering for CSM.

Our Coldstream, BC coordinators, Erich & Hilda Penner are retiring having looked after the Okanagan area for 4 years.

Jim York, a longtime volunteer in Grimsby, ON, passed away in December 2021, and we would like to extend condolences to his family and joy at his entering to the Kingdom.

We would like to thank Philipson Philip for his time served as president here at CSM, and wish him many blessings!

Murray Vader, who was on loan from Avant Ministries as our warehouse manager for 16 years.

Lastly, our forklift is also retiring. This beast of a machine was gifted to CSM many years ago and has served us well.

Recent Shipments

AUGUST 2021 – Zimbabwe—36 boxes of books provided to The Evangelical Alliance Mission for distribution in Zimbabwe.  TEAM will distribute the books to theological students and local pastors.

SEPTEMBER 2021 – GHANA 27780 lbs This container was quickly distributed by Ofankor Bible Ministries. We received many photos and testimonials!

SEPTEMBER 2021 – PHILIPPINES partial container shared with Harvesters Baptist Church (London, Ontario). 18,269 lbs. of material that will be distributed amongst Harvesters’ international ministry in the Philippines.

NOVEMBER 2021 –  LIBERIA 29,236 lbs This is the first container we have sent to the Liberian ministry Give Them Aid and we have received many photos of the books being distributed. Liberian infrastructure is still being rebuilt after recent strife in the country, but already GTA is making great headway in distributing the materials.

DECEMBER 2021 – FIJI 10441 lbs Please keep this shared load in prayer. We sometimes joke about containers being loaded onto a “slow boat”, but this container has been in transit for three months, and is not expected to make final port for several more weeks. Along with books from CSM,  this container is packed with household support items from the Ancaster CRC, and hygiene items from Sew on Fire in Burlington, ON.

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