Area Coordinator Updates

Retiring and New Area Coordinators

God is always so good! He not only gave us our Great Commission when Jesus told us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” in Matthew 28:19, He also gives us the means to carry it out.
We have been blessed by the service of our Sault Ste. Marie coordinator, Les Tulloch, for a great many years and, while sad to see him retired, are so very grateful for all of the work he has done. We pray for health and a restful retirement for Les.
This month has seen three new area coordinators join our mission!
Brian Campbell of Sault Ste. Marie has stepped up to fill the opening in that area.
Our Chatham-Kent, ON, area donors will be happy to there is now a representative in their area! Arlene Maris of Croton has graciously volunteered to represent CSM Canada in her surrounding area.
Winnipeg, MB has representation again by way of Richard Staub who will be collecting books for us in that area.
We look forward to seeing how God uses these areas to bless people around the world with the written Word!
You can find your local area coordinator here.

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