2020 Virtual Annual Meeting,  Area Coordinator Updates

2020 Virtual Annual Meeting – Area Coordinator Report

At CSM we have inside and outside volunteers. Inside volunteers help sort and pack books and containers inside the warehouse. Our outside volunteers work, well, outside of the mission warehouse.

These outside volunteers fall into three categories: Area Coordinators, Drop Off Centers and Transporters. All three groups act as the local face of the mission. Each group has important responsibilities, although there is a lot of overlap between the three categories.

Drop Off Centers tend to be churches or organizations that keep a space clear for people to drop off donated books for CSM. Transporters (who may also act of drop off locations) transport the donated books either directly to CSM’s warehouse or to a trucking depo for further shipment. Area Coordinators generally take on a more encompassing role in representing the mission along with some of the drop-off and transport duties. 

At present we have 35 Area Coordinators, 22 Drop Off Centers, and 6 Transporters on record. There are also a number of individuals who, though not on record officially, assist “official” volunteers or regularly bring materials from their locality. These representatives are spread across Canada, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. An interactive map and list can be found here to locate your closest person. Volunteers west of Winnipeg are rallied and kept up with by Allen Armbruster (our Western Representative); everyone east of Winnipeg are looked after by myself.

This past year we added a few new volunteers. Sadly, we also lost two individuals. Roy Schlievert (Ottawa) passed away in October 2019, and one of our transporters had to step down. 

Without these volunteers we would only see a small fraction of materials coming into the warehouse and being sent overseas. Thank you to each volunteer for giving of yourself and your means to help spread the Good News. 

Together in His service,

Murray Kwint (Area Coordinator Administrator)