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2020 Container Round Up

2020 was filled with its a great many mountains to be climbed in order to ship Bibles and Christian literature. We are usually able to call our freight forwarder and send out a filled container in two weeks. 2020 was a struggle to book container shipping between port strikes, container shortages, and lockdowns. The Lord was generous with his blessings as usual, and our volunteers persevered to send a total of 8 containers filled with God’s Word and learning helps! 

Ghana - 28,501 lbs

Our first container of 2020 was shipped to a mission organization in Kumasi, Ghana, where it was distributed to local churches.

Loading Crew for first 2020 container

Malawi - 16,653 lbs

Our second container of the year was sent via Calgary since Ontario was on lockdown at that time. It a collaboration of CSM Canada, Prairie Gleaners, and Beautiful Feet Ministry. Along with life-giving Gospel, this shipment also contained belly-filling dehydrated food.

Uganda - 20,816 lbs

August saw our third container head out to Uganda via the USA. This container was distributed by a dear ministry CSM has worked with in the past, led by a husband and wife team. Just two helpers loaded up this container!


India - 27,195 lbs.

We followed up with our fourth shipment of the year just a few weeks after our third. This container was sent to India and, while its had some troubles with port clearing, we trust God will use the materials in it to His purposes. 

Nigeria - 29,641 lbs

By October, CSM was able to operate safely in a way very close to “normal”. Our fifth container of the year was sent to TETMI in Nigeria. It took quite a lot longer on the ocean that we are used to seeing, but as soon as it was received TETMI began distributing the materials. The books are expected to be completely passed out in the next few weeks!

Myanmar - 30,040 lbs

December was another month of near-normal shipping in Ontario. We were blessed to send another container of materials to Faith Baptist Seminary in Myanmar. Thankfully, the materials arrived and were unloaded just before the military coup. Please join us in keeping the saints in Myanmar in constant prayer.

Zambia - 34,908 lbs

Our supporters in Western Canada were able to donate enough materials that a second container was sent from Calgary in December – this one to Zambia. The container was again loaded up with Bibles and Christian materials along with dehydrated food from the Gleaners and has since been distributed.

Ghana - 24,257 lbs

Closing out our 202 shipping year was a container to Ghana. This was our first container sent to this Bible Ministry and the thank-you letters and photos have absolutely poured in. In only a short time after receiving, all of the materials were distributed.

Man prays over books

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