Container Reports,  Newsletter 2018 Fall

Distribution Report – Container #11 2017 to Uganda

The last container that was shipped in 2017 was sent to the Uganda posting of Scripture Union, an international evangelical organization that focuses on reaching children and young people with the Gospel message.

29,736 lbs of bibles and other materials were sent and distribution is well underway after a long voyage and extended customs clearing process. SU reported in their latest newsletter the following regarding the container:

“Christian literature/materials that stimulate spiritual and moral awareness are often requested when SU workers conduct club support visits. In March this year, after a long wait through prayer, Scripture Union received a container full of books from CSM Canada.
We were so delighted to have new literature and materials to supplement our Bible guides. The first beneficiaries were the staff and members of Scripture Union attending the Annual General Meeting in March, who got the opportunity to leave with a book. The materials are also being distributed to SU Bible clubs in schools.
We have already sent 105 boxes to the 7 regional offices. We are looking forward to many people being blessed and inspired through these Materials.
We thank all the precious people serving with CSM Canada, for all the prayers and effort to get us these materials at no cost.”

This was CSM Canada’s second container sent to a Scripture Union movement, and the first one to Uganda for the organization.

We are so very encouraged to hear the Bibles and books are being put to such excellent work. Please join us in praying for the workers and recipients of the materials that they will find/be fertile ground and that the Gospel message will flourish!

You can learn more about Scripture Union and the work they do through the world here.

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