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Container Shipment 2018 – Nigeria (August)

This morning, 4 volunteers loaded up 300,000 lbs of Bibles and materials onto a 20′ sea container bound to Nigeria. This marks our 13th shipment into Africa’s most populated nation.

This load will make its way to be distributed by The Evangelizers’ Team Ministry International (TETMI). CSM Canada has partnered with TETMI in the past, and is blessed to do so again.

TETMI serves the mostly overlooked rural communities in the Ebonyi State of Nigeria, and utilizes a holistic approach to discipleship by providing not only church planting and support, but also establishes schools, provides medical care, and basic life necessities such as clean water.
Loading container 2018-7 bound to Nigeria
TETMI distributing bags filled with Bibles and evangelical materials.

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