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Library in Uganda

If we were to ask you to count up all of your books, how long would it take? A few minutes? Could you count and sort your books in a day? Imagine owning upwards of 17,000 books. How long would it take you to sort them? What if you had so many books you could fill a primary school library in Uganda?

Hundreds of boxes of books

When a ministry received a container of books from us, they always email or call to let us know it has arrived. Often, we will get photos of the container being unloaded. Because of the large materials though, distributing them can take much longer. So it is not surprising to see testimonies a year or two after a container of books has arrived. Recently, we received word from an evangelist in Uganda. Over the years we have sent several containers to Charles Magumba. He has faithfully distributed the materials and reported back on various projects they went to.

Recently he had this to say about a visit to the Community Trans Nursery and Primary School:

“Today, I visited a primary school owned by a pastor in Iganga, Eastern Uganda. The school is called Community Trans Primary School. The pastor and school director of the school are standing in the picture attached with a black lining on his shirt.
They have set up a library using books we gave them – if I remember correctly in 2017. So there you are. The books continue to be a blessing to people here.
All the Lord Jesus Christ’s blessings to you all.”
Charles Magumba (evangelist)

Imagine giving someone enough books to start a library! And those were only part of the shipment of books. Through our supporters and volunteers, CSM can do important work. Every book, every dollar, every minute donated is important and valued. As always, we look forward to hearing more stories from Uganda and pray God is using the books send by CSM to gather a great many hearts.
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