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Myanmar 2018-4: Distribution Update

Dr. Do Suan Mung has been praying for the past 15 years for new materials for the seminary and college he founded in Myanmar, as Christian materials are not allowed to be soldĀ  or purchased in the country. See how a group of students builds a library with books donated by you!
Faith Baptist College and Theological Seminary is located in Yangon, Myanmar and offers programs in ministry and Christian education. The students have been in need of new material for their library for some time now, and the College put out a call for books.
Location of Myanmar on globe
Thankfully, our generous donors continued their cheerful giving and in late April of this year, we were able to send a container filled with 31,355lbs of books.
The ocean trip took longer than anticipated and had several delays; however after a 15 year wait 4 months is a very short time!
The container finally arrived at the Seminary late in the evening on August 21st. We received a pictorial report of the unloading and are so very blessed to share the photos with you.
It is a great encouragement to see the joy on the students faces while bringing over 500 banana boxes from the container up several flights of stairs and into the library to be organized.
A few days after the books were unloaded, CSM received a phone call heartily thanking our supporters for donating the books and the funds to ship them.
If you would like to learn more about Faith Baptist College and Theological Seminary, please visit here.

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