2019 Annual Meeting & Dinner Review

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Selfie of Annual Meeting
Our 2019 Annual Meeting & Dinner was held on May 2nd, 2019 at Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Hamilton, Ontario. 125 supporters, volunteers, and staff members gathered together for an evening spent learning about CSM’s 2018 operations, an overview of upcoming shipments, fellowship, and delicious food. This was our first year at the church, and we appreciate how gracious they were with our requests. For those of you who were unable to attend, here is a little summary of the meeting:

The evening was filled with good conversation and delicious food. Much enjoyed praise music came from the Trio, who had people clapping and singing along. Volunteers who only get to see each other once or twice a year were able to enjoy meeting again. Our MC for the meeting was Board member Paul Niessen, who was responsible for the best photo of the night—a selfie with as many of the attending supporters as he could squeeze in!

Allen Armbruster speaking
Western area coordinator Allen Armbruster provides an update and encouragement for volunteers.
Slideshow from 2019 Meeting
Meeting attenders watch a slideshow presentation on books received from CSM at a Myanmar seminary.
Allen Armbruster, the Western Representative for CSM, gave a report on the happenings in the Western areas of Canada. His insight and encouragement went right along with the feeling of the gathering. CSM’s Board Chairman, Dennis Cheredar, presented a review of the impact of the mission for 2018.

Our special speaker for the evening, David Smith from ABWE, blessed everyone with a slideshow showing the unloading, unpacking, organization, and usage of books sent by CSM. It was truly inspiring to see the “end result” of all the hard work our volunteers and donors put in. David works closely alongside several of CSM’s recipients and as a missionary himself has seen the impact good Christian reading material can make in a new believer’s life. You can learn more about ABWE’s work in the country of Myanmar here:

CSM’s President, Philipson Philip, rounded out the evening with his closing remarks and prayers. Some much needed revenue was raised for the evening and we are looking forward to using it to further the Kingdom of God and placing as many good Christian books in as many hands as possible. Thank you to all of our supporters!

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