Container Reports

Donated Christian Literature for India – May 2019

That a ton of boxes...

…and almost 3 TONS of donated Christian Literature for India!
Praise God for his provision once again as we were able to fill another 20′ sea container. The weather was warm and the spirits were high! This time, our loading crew squeezed 29,340 lbs. of Christian reading materials and educational books. That brings the total lbs. of materials shipped for the year to 78,692 lbs.
As a special treat, we were blessed to have Allen Armbruster, who heads up the Western regions of Canada for CSM, here to help. Allen is such an encouragement to the mission and its donors. He is truly a salt-of-the-earth person. We pray God blesses the ministry to which these books are heading. Since 2014, this is the 8th container of books that this particular ministry has received. They distribute all throughout the Kerala state in India. We have every faith they will again be diligent and many people will be reached for Christ through these books.

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