Spring 2024 Mission Update

30 Years of - Go, Therefore

In Matthew 28, we are instructed to “Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you:”  In 1994, Lauren and Dorothy Redinger knew of several ministries that were working in far reaching locations  they wanted to help.  The story of the early churches supporting Paul and the other apostles by sending them supplies and funds were a wonderful way of participating in the process of sharing with these nations about Jesus and his teachings. This was the birth of CSM Canada Inc (Christian Salvage Mission).

The beginnings of the ministry started in their garage, where they gathered books and other materials that they could send overseas to churches, pastors, schools, and other ministries in need of teaching material. The process gained local support and by 2001 they were able to send their first container to Romania. The volume of gathering material had expanded in such a manner that the ministry was able to obtain a warehouse in 2003 to continue to process the material that was being collected by friends, families, churches, etc.

 As time progressed, we have arrived today with a ministry that is collecting material from coast to coast and sending containers all over the world to those that need resources to fulfill the great commission. As of the end of 2023, we have sent 185 containers of Christian material, totaling 6,011,186 lbs. This has been done with an army of volunteers throughout the country that collect and send the material to the warehouse, as well as volunteers that sort, pack, weigh, store and ship the supplies.

We thank all the individuals that over the years and currently allow us to accomplish this task to fulfil the ministry that God has given us. We have accomplished great things over the last 30 years from humble beginnings and we are not done yet.  There are many ministries and agencies throughout the world that continue to contact us to send them more assistance so that they can spread the Gospel.

Your continued support is appreciated and needed. There are many ways to help our efforts. Your mission committee at your church can recommend a ministry that could benefit from receiving material  from CSM or provide a donation to assist in sending needed material overseas. Since Covid, the shipping costs for a container have risen from $ 2 – 3,000 to $ 7 – 9,000 per container. We greatly appreciate individuals in supporting us with donations, as well as volunteering as area coordinators, transporters, sorters, and container crew on shipping days. Used stamps are used to help fund the costs of shipping.  Kindly save your stamps for us.  Many hands make light work.

May I suggest that you check out our website to read the testimonies of the ministries that have been blessed by your generous contributions over the years. 

Dennis Cheredar, CSM Board Chairman 

Giving books in Ghana:

What's New at CSM?

What a year! 2024 has started off great! After our generous supporters kept the warehouse at CSM full of donated books entire year of 2023, we didn’t expect anything different this year, and have not been disappointed! It’s impossible to keep track of the volume of books that come in, but to give you something of an idea, our Western volunteers were able to send 63 pallets of books in 2023. Each pallet has somewhere around 30 mid-sized boxes on it, and weigh around 2,000lbs! Our supporters in Ontario likely sent in a similar volume of books. It amazes us constantly just how generous you all are in giving away your books.

We are so excited to see how the Lord moves this year both in the materials that are donated to us and in the international doors he opens for us to ship containers to.

Cheerfully in Christ, Valerie in the office

Recent Shipments

September 2023 —PHILIPPINES—30,656 lbs.  We were blessed to once again partner with Harvesters Baptist Church in London, ON, to send a container to their international mission program in the Philippines. Once a year, the Philippines mission holds a pastor’s conference where hundreds of men and women come together to hear God’s word and distribute the books sent. Shipping costs for this container were $6,855.

November 2023 —INDIA —30,438 lbsIts been over two years since we were able to send a container into India, so imagine just how pleased we were to do so! This container was blessed with a very fast clearing process, and the ministry is nearly finished distributing the books!  This container cost $5,321 to ship.

December 2023 —GHANA —31,395 lbsIt seems as though the people of Ghana cannot get enough of God’s word and are always eager to receive more.  We were happy to oblige and round out 2023 with another shipment to Ghana. Shipping this container cost $6,697.

January 2024 —GHANA —31,766 lbsWe were blessed to send a container shortly after the year started. We expect this container to arrive in Ghana shortly, and trust that the Lord will ensure the books are distributed diligently. Shipping this container cost $6,287.

Thank you!

With thanksgiving for 19 years of service, we would like to share that Sue Kwint has retired from her position on CSM’s Board of Directors. Sue has helped guide CSM through several big changes, including moving the warehouse to its current building, a huge renovation, and incorporating the organization.

Along with her duties on the Board, Sue has faithfully volunteered sorting books as well. Sue is an avid reader and is always keen to review new authors for sound teaching. Thank you for your service, Sue! 


Welcome Aboard!

Meet Jeremy Thommy, who joined the CSM board in January 2024.  Jeremy and his wife Rose are from Waterdown, ON.

Jeremy comes from a corporate background, having lived and worked in India, Dubai and Canada for 27 years. Jeremy’s area of expertise was Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.



In 2007 Jeremy was called into full time ministry having served at his local church in teaching, mentoring and discipling, as well as serving at Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada, as a national leader in Church Engagement.

Since 2017, Jeremy and his wife have been actively serving in building up the church in rural Zimbabwe. 

Jeremy has served on the boards of several mission organizations in Canada and is looking forward to be serving the Lord at CSM.

Retirements and Memorials

One of our biggest hubs for book donations outside of Hamilton has been Calgary. Murray Werner has been heading up the storing, packing, and shipping of the books from Calgary, as well as assisting in routing from other “out west” cities, for the past 15 years.

Over the past few months, several of our long-time volunteers have gone on to Glory, and we would ask for you to join us in praying for their families:

Myron Bjorge, who collected and sorted books for CSM in Alberta for over a decade.

Charles Clow, also from Alberta, who collected books from a wide swath of the province for over 10 years.

Sandy deWall, who assisted in finding pallets of books for CSM donated spots on shipping trucks. Sandy founded East West Express, who has carried over 871 pallets of books from “out west” for CSM between October 2007 and December 2023.

Paul Makino, who was a dear volunteer in our Hamilton warehouse for many years.

“We do not grieve as those who do not have hope”, but we do certainly grieve these losses. These saints who have finished their races  help encourage us not only to finish our own well, but to make sure we share the Good New of Jesus Christ to as many as we can.

From grateful recipients:

“…our Children need Bibles/Books to read. So the boxes of Children’s books and Bibles came at the right time and we are very grateful to you…I was glad to see the number of Boxes of children’s Bibles and books you sent to support our Children’s Ministry and our converts. I would like to thank your ministry personally and your donors for this great support. Thank you and may God bless you all.” -Ghana

“Its really very helpful, this will be used for the ministry, especially since many people need this type of equipment and books, for us to teach them about the Gospel.” – The Philippines

“We had started with 2 Bible Schools and 5 Sunday Schools last week…Thank you so much for your great help and we are so overwhelmed with your generosity and kind heartedness through meeting the very need that we have in Fiji.” – Fiji

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