2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Stay-At-Home Banquet

This year, our Annual Meeting and Banquet was scheduled to take place on May 2nd. We have been looking forward to the meeting. Besides a delicious dinner, our meeting gives us a chance to gather together and praise the Lord for the work he has enabled us to do for the year. We get to catch up with long-distance friends and share stories. From a regulation standpoint, the annual meeting is a requirement for us as a corporation. It also gives us a chance to say thank you in person to our supporters.

Instead, this year we are at home, living out new meanings to old words as we get accustomed to a “new normal” during a pandemic. We are doing our parts to “flatten the curve” by social distancing. We are wearing face masks, homemade and bought, to try and make sure we don’t spread the COVID19 virus. We are continuously checking to see if we have any of the symptoms. And we are very much missing our friends and family. These efforts, while seeming small, are so terribly important right now.

Our world has changed so much in a short time. 

March 15th was the last Sunday many churches had a regular service. Some who read this letter will have been sickened themselves, or know someone whose suffered or perished from this new virus. Some of us have lost a loved one this year. Our neighbours in Nova Scotia experienced a tragedy on the scale that most of us cannot even imagine. 

Through all of this though, we still have Good News. We can rely on God and His word, neither of which change. When He says “I will never leave you nor forsake you”, we can count on that. We can rest in the knowledge that God is in control.

On this note, we want to share with you what you, through your support of CSM, have been able to do this past year in sending the Good News around the world. 

While we can’t send the meal, fellowship, music, or guest speaker (what a mess that all would have been electronically!), we can give you the reports you would usually hear at the meeting. We trust you’ll still be encouraged as you read what God has done.

Below you will find links to the various reports for 2019. We hope the information in them encourages you as much as it has encouraged us. 

Thank you for all the support, we cannot do our work without your support!

On an administrative note – my apologies that the reports are lacking in their usual photographs. Stay-at-home orders have made it so I cannot access the usual files and programs from the office I would have used, and so the information is mainly text at this time. The program financial information that would usually accompany is, likewise, inaccessible. Once we are open again however, that information will be made available in an upcoming blog post for you to review. If you aren’t already signed up to be notified of new blog posts, and would like to, I would encourage you to join our subscriber list below to keep up-to-date. Thank you for all the support throughout the year. I’ve missed speaking to everyone by the phone and hope to have the chance to soon!

Valerie Coles, CSM Office Administrator

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One Comment

  • Allen Armbruster

    Thank you for this Valerie !

    Trust you and your family + all at CSM are keeping well !!

    We trust and pray that things will be re-opened soon.
    Various people ready to send more books our way !! :))

    Grace & Peace,