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Liberia 2021 Distribution Report

At the end of November, 2021, CSM shipped a 20′ sea container filled with 29,236 lbs of Christian literature. This was CSM’s third such shipment to Liberia and the first one to be sent to the ministry of Give Them Aid – Liberia. We have been sent a very thorough update from Give Them Aid, along with many photos of people joyfully receiving books. You can read more about Liberia’s prayer needs compiled by Operation World. 

Report From Give Them Aid - Liberia

A Brief Summary of Projects

Give Them Aid-Liberia received over 29000lbs including books, Bibles and  Bible related materials in a sea 20ft container in January 2022 for free distribution among the needy God’s family. About one hundred and seven receivers including churches, universities, libraries and ministries benefited the project. The total number of people from these entities that benefited directly benefited CSM materials is 17,629. Many of the beneficiaries (churches) have their own schools, libraries and clinics so we served them by packages that included education, health and religious materials.

Start and finish dates. The distribution two weeks after the arrival of the container. Distribution started on February and finished at the end of March.

Objective- the project its objective, that is to edify 35% of needy God’s children with 29000lbs education and religious materials in District # 2&3 of Nimba County in two months period of distribution.

The course of project- The distribution of the project materials has developed great relationship among God’s family. And the project has united CSM, Give Them Aid and the beneficiaries through edification. The materials as brought transformation in the lives of God’s family. Through the reading of those materials they see great changes taking place both spiritually and physically.

Results or Impact-

– It cost $20 to $50 USD for each of that family of God to get a good copy of Bibles from the nation capital, and some cannot even afford to buy. By the end of the project, thousand and plus family of God read God’s word (the Bible) in their hands.

-Pastors who have been in District #2&3 hundreds of research materials for personal equipment by the end of the project.

-Some of the believers who have stopped going for Bible studies, conferences are now happy using their materials in their gathering after the end of the project.


“Hi CSM,

My name is Pastor Samuel D. Gonkarnue. I live in Liberia and I was one of the beneficiaries of CSM books distribution project implemented by Give Them Aid organization in Liberia. I am 56 years old and have 15 years of ministry experience. Since the Lord called me into preaching and teaching rural ministries, this is my first time to received books and Bible related and research materials. The materials received from Give Them Aid are greatly contributing to my life and the lives of my church members both physically and spiritually.

 I planned to abandon my hone due to family stress, but   there is a book in title, “Israel My Glory.” I give praise to the family of CSM, since I began to read and apply this book chapter by chapter, I life has changed. In other words, I no longer plan against my family by the help of this book through the Holy Spirit.”

“Hi the Family of CSM,

We the leaders and members of Soul Winning Mission Church are pleased to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the family of CSM of Canada for the gifts of books and Bibles. The materials received from Give Them Aid-Liberia are really improving the lives of our members. They are using the materials to evangelize. About two hundred plus have been won over to Christ through those materials. We pray for God to provide for the family of CSM materials and financial assistance to help support us next year.”

“Hi Sir\ Madam,

The Spoken World Church of Yarmien district is grateful to God for your help or support given to us through Give Them Aid-Liberia.  The devotional materials are used in our families devotional sections all of the time we meet. Many of our relatives who have been going from morning and evening devotions are getting matured through the reading those materials. Many of the church family are returning to our regular services from the impact of the materials.”

“Christ Centaury Church

Dear Brethren of CSM organization, our church has been in existence for the past 15 years without active youth and children activities. We got the consignment of children materials from Give Them Aid organization. Since we began to use those materials in our ministry, we are seeing rampant growth in children and youth population. Hundreds of them are back to our church. Your gifts are appreciated. The Lord blesses your hand work.”

“Hi CSM family,     

Liberia went under 14 years of civil war that led thousands of us to run in exile into the neighboring Countries for safety. The war affected the health department death and education every aspect of live. Our children attend health centers to learn about health, but no materials for research. We are thankful to God for your health materials; they are using some of those materials research. Our clinic, staff, and other relatives who are in health activities are greatly impacted with the health materials. They use those for personal research to help them get advance for saving lives. Great work done for us, may the Lord bless you. “

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