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How Many Books to India?

We tend to talk about the weight of our containers a lot. It seems to be the easiest way of sharing our work Рeveryone can relate to weight. And we use weights on very nearly all papers around here. Bills of Lading for incoming books have weights. When the books are packed into banana boxes, those boxes are weight. Once 36 boxes are piled onto a skid, that is totaled up for a weight. After we load up about 16 skids onto each container, a final weight is taken. We average about 29,000 lbs. of books on each container. But just how many books does that end up being?

How much does a book weigh anyhow?

The books that end up on CSM’s containers run the gamut as far as weight. We send everything from small booklets (Our Daily Bread) and tracts, to heavy textbooks. If we were to average the weights out though, we can say each book weighs 1.5 lbs. So a container weighing 29,000 lbs. holds a bit over 19,300 books.

That’s enough books to start a library, or give every member of hundreds of church plants a book to help grow their faith.

This morning our volunteers loaded 30,900 lbs. (or around 20,600 books) onto a 20′ sea container bound for India. The books will be received by a missionary group that serves an area with a very high literacy rate of over 90% but low concentration of Christians. Only 16% of people in the area claim Jesus Christ as their saviour. We pray the books in this shipment will not only support current Christians in the southern Indian area, but bring a great many new people to the saving knowledge of Jesus.


  • Pearl Emo

    It is wonderful to see how many books are collected and sent to these countries who have so little to read. I always have a bag to collect any books and reading material that I think CSM could use.. I have trained my sister to do the same. I give them to Mavis and Ron Rice, reps of yours in Montreal, QC

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