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2022 Cameroon Update

In late October of 2022, after a delay of several years due to internal strife in the country, we were blesse to send just over 29,000 lbs of books to Cameroon. The ministry that received the books, Goodness and Mercy Missions, has been hard at work distributing the books since they received them. Despite continued safety hardship, many people and other ministries have been receiving Bibles and Christian books throughout the area.

We hope you enjoy the photos and testimonials we’ve received back from this shipment and are as encouraged and blessed as we are to see how the Lord is moving!

Interested in how you can help support CSM to send more Bibles and Christian books in 2023? Find out here!

Institute of Evangelical Theology

“These books have strengthened our school library which is in a very unequipped state.”

Grace Baptist Church

Jinkfuin Baptist Church

Baptist Evangelical School of Theology

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